Will this really work for me?

"I was able to lose 2 lbs in my first 3 days of working with Julia!"~ Chloe S

I want to see all my students win, which is why I customize a program to
their specific needs. 

I GUARANTEE results if we are a good fit to work together. I only take about 5 clients a month to give maximum attention to, so DM me to see if you qualify.

How I can help:


Custom Fitness & Lifestyle - Goal-Oriented Program:
  We get you to your goal as fast as possible by having fun & creating a lifestyle routine that you will carry on for the rest of your life.

✅ Custom Guaranteed Goal Fitness Program

✅ Suggested Nutritional Tweaks, Snacks, Supplements, Groceries, Meal Plan
✅ Meals in < 12 Mins
✅  Private Member's Support Area
✅ 2 Weekly Check-Ins with me (Q&A Group Coaching Calls)
✅ 1-1 Texting 
✅ 1-1 Weekly Coaching Call
✅ Group Weekly Coaching Calls

EX: - Lose Weight for your lifestyle

     - Eating Healthier 
     - Understand portion control 
     - Healthy Lifestyle Balance: Fitness/Fast Meals

     - Improve Confidence in the mirror

     - Stop Starving/Stop thinking about Food 
     - Limit Sweet Tooth cravings 

     - Understand how to Lose Fat

     - Getting a Flat Tummy, Toned Booty, Eliminate Celulight on Legs, Tight upper Body
     - Fit into Clothes



4-Week Bodyweight Home Fitness Program:

✅  28 Minute Routines 3-5x a Week

✅ Suggested Nutritional Tweaks, Snacks, Supplements, and Groceries
✅ Meals in < 12 Mins
✅  Private Member's Support Area
✅ 2 Weekly Check-Ins with me (Q&A Group Coaching Calls)

Fitness Only Program: 
✅ 4-16 Week options 

Nutrition Only: 
✅ Getting Started Nutrition Guide
✅ 60 + Approved Recipes for WeightLoss
✅ Manual: Salty, Sweet, Savory Guide
✅ 10 Step Guide to Ordering out at Restaurants 
✅ Healthy Fast Food Restaurant Cheat Sheet


Check out some client success
stories below!

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