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Pink Cream

in 8 Weeks of

Personalized Coaching

Lower Blood sugar Levels to Normal  

✅ Naturally Lose Weight

​✅Increase Life expectancy by 8+ years


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Hi, I'm Julia a Pre-Diabetes & Type 2 Survivor...
7+ Year Fitness, Nutrition, and Diabetes Expert

 3x Bikini Competitor Medalist

Personal Training Certified 

and I want to share how I have been able to PERMANENTLY Reverse my Pre & Type 2 Diabetes as little as 8 weeks!



According to Scientists & the CDC Pre & Type, 2 Diabetes is completely Reversible through Lifestyle change.

“Approximately 96 million American Adults - more than 1- 3 have pre-diabetes... & 80% don’t know they have it.”




I tried Keto, Paleo, Low Carb, and Counting Calories, and nothing helped lower my blood sugar..


I wanted to solve the root problem...
not take drugs & go on
metformin for the rest of my life.

There is not just 1 diet or fitness program that fits all.



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 From the 7 years of my coaching experience,  I developed a Lifestyle  8 Week Proven Program to Permanently
Reverse Pre-Diabetes & Type 2 in 8 Weeks
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Step 3: Healthy Fitness/Movement

 Custom Movement for your lifestyle

Drop at least 5-7% Body Fat

✅ Reversing Diabetes Exercises

You will discover your winning movement formula for making exercise more enjoyable which will take < 30 minutes a day. 




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Here is what you will recieve when you join:

Step 2: Reversing Nutrition Coaching

Custom Nutrition Swap Analysis with foods you enjoy.

8 Weeks of Meal Plans/Shopping Lists:

(Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, Dinner, Dessert)

105+ Recipies Lower Blood sugar 

Guide for Ordering Out at Restaurants

You will learn how to still eat your favorite foods by creating the right combinations of meals to keep your blood sugar low & decrease your resistance to insulin permanently curing yourself from diabetes.






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Here are the Changes you will see in 8 Weeks:


Week1:  Create a sustainable daily routine including movement


Week 2: Replace unhealthy habits with my 8 Affirmations
(no more fearing death, 
amputation, loss of limbs, eyesight)


Week 3: Feel comfortable with purposeful & nourishing grocery shopping


Week 4: Cravings are gone, clothes fit better, and natural weight loss

(most of my students see 8-10 lbs dropped here)


Week 5:More Energy, full between meals, no more sugar spikes


Week 6:Know exactly how to modify dishes at Restaurants


Week 7: Eat same-tasting food (Pizza,Cookies, Bread) with my Reversing formula!


Week 8: Down 5-7% Body Fat, sleeping better, & FREEDOM from ever becoming Type 2.

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#1 Program to 
Permanently Reverse
Pre & Type 2
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Step 1: Permanent Reversal Education


✅ Self-Paced Online Trainings & Community

✅ 30 min LIVE Weekly Coaching Calls + Q/A 

✅ 24/7 Private Accountability Text Group

✅ Affirmations & Habit Building Worksheets

This covers the Fundamentals of Permanently Reversing Diabetes, Lower Blood Sugar, 30-minute Morning Routine, Weekly Routine, Habit Future Building, Self love & compassion.





Schedule a time to see if you qualify for the #1 Program to Permanently ReversePre-Diabetes & Type 2
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